If you get...give If you learn...teach"

Maya Angelou

About Raw Food

This energetic, alive Cuisine, is coming from the Raw food movement from California, USA.

It’s a great way to reconnect to the true nature of food and the earth's elements with a use non proceed food.


Raw food has finally found it's way to France, the country of gastronomy as “crusine” or you could even say “pure” cuisine.

In short, raw food is a therapeutic gastronomy, to reconnect with the taste of the purest food filled with the best nutrients for your health.

The 2017 version of raw food is a way to reinvent flavours and texture with the purest elements.




Technically, its cooking the seasonal fruits and vegetables under 105 Fahrenheit (40 degrees celsius) which, under this temperature, fruits and veggies offer the most of their vitamin's, minerals and nutrients available.

Raw food is more than raw fruits and vegetables. It’s a diverse blend of different techniques; through sprouting grains and legumes, soaking and fermenting seeds, dehydrating, juicing and more. Creating a large range of textures and a rainbow on your plate is essential to create hunger and crunchiness.

All of this beauty on your plate is there to help you brighten your senses and help your digestion, your satisfaction and is your first step to a healthy, balanced diet. Your taste buds will even clear up and will be more sensitive. This creative new world will impressed you through its beauty and elegance.



In the last couple of years, I've been trained by the most talented chefs at the Living Light Institute, California. More than a diploma and practice, it is also a personal transformative journey.

The respect of nature and the connection to mother Earth is at the heart of this learning process:

- reconnect to your inner source and make it grow by respecting the whole.

- find your true path through vibrant energy.


My journey continues growing and this is what I would love to share with you, this vibrant and gourmet, wellness food group. No matter what your regular diet is, no matter your lifestyle, you are welcome to join us in this journey into the flavours rainbow.


Come and join us for a simply joyful and delicious moment.


Wonderfully yours,


Chef Magali